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We reach out to many different organizations in Northern Ireland to help them any way we can.  Below are the many causes we support.  If you’d like to donate specifically to one of these organizations, please write the name in the memo of your check or send a note with your PayPal donation.  Thank you for your support.


Conway Mill Community Centre. A former linen mill, Conway Mill Community Centre is home to a mix of small and medium-size manufacturing and services businesses and creative arts industries.

Conway Education Centre. Fr. Des Wilson and a group of community leaders decided that one floor of Conway Mill should be devoted to education.  The Education Centre now offers a host of adult and youth educational, training and cultural opportunities.

Irish Republican History Museum. The museum houses a vast collection of artifacts and prison handcrafts, representing various phases of the struggle for Irish freedom.

Springhill Community House.  Facilitates the educational, health and cultural needs of the Ballymurphy community.

Still Imprisoned Project.  Founded in 2008, SIP is an all-volunteer organization providing help and advice to members of the Belfast community suffering from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the conflict in the Northern Ireland. The organization receives no government funding and relies solely on private donations.


Altram-Rathmore Centre. Altram is a community-based regional support organization for the 48 Irish-language preschool and naiscoils across Northern Ireland.

Dove House. Dove House delivers a range of services to adults and youth.  One of its focuses is on issues affecting the youth in areas such as alcohol and drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, poor academic achievement and poor relationships at home and in the community.

Museum of Free Derry. A permanent multi-media exhibit of Derry’s most important historical periods – the civil rights movement of the 1960’s and 70’s, the museum houses over 20,000 artifacts, most of which have been donated by local residents.



Drumcree Community Centre. The Centre provides a safe place for children and adults in the Gavarghy Road residential area. Adults and children take part in club-based educational training,  personal development, healthy living, cultural events and creative arts.

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