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Exterior of Refurbished Conway Mill 1

Conway Mill Trust undertook fundraising for the people and communities of  Northern Ireland in the Fall of 2005 when eight Pittsburgh people took over Doirse Dochais (Doors of Hope), after one of its founders and last remaining board members Elizabeth Logue retired.  Conway Mill Trust and its predecessor, Doors of Hope, was chartered in 1988.

While we have a new name, our mission is the same as our forerunner – work for economic, community, social and cultural redevelopment in Northern Ireland.  We carry out our mission by fundraising in the U.S. in order to provide grants to the eight community groups we support. We leave the decision as to how they use the funds to the community groups themselves.  That way they can direct the funds to where they are most needed.

The core contributors to Doors of Hope, now Conway Mill Trust, have remained steadfast in their support, and we are grateful for their outstanding loyalty.

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