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Dove House - Beat The BullyDove House was organized in 1984 to encourage self-sufficiency, promote self-help within the Bogside and Brandywell area of the City of Derry and empower women to overcome the effects of extreme poverty, unemployment, divorce, domestic violence and social isolation.

Today Dove house focuses on these important initiatives.

Adult Education

The Bogside and Brandywell Adult Education Program is one of the mainstays of adult education in the area. Students learn professional development skills, beauty therapy, Math, English, arts and crafts and in partnership with Long Tower Centre, they learn dressmaking and are availed the Essential Skills Certificate Program English and Math courses. Classes are conducted at Dove House and other nearby community centres.  A crèche is available on-site at the Dove House for childcare. The crèche also serves as a training ground for childcare and education workers.

Neighborhood Assist

Neighborhood Assist is a comprehensive advice, information, training and education program for the unemployed, low-income individuals, the elderly, single parents and people with disabilities. Operated in partnership between Dove House and Creggan Community Project, residents of the community can get help with filing claims for various government=backed benefits, job assistance, debt management, among others.

Good Morning Northwest

This program is a telephone information alert system and outreach for the elderly and disabled. Outreach workers visit homes of the disabled and elderly in the Bogside, Brandywell and Creggan areas who cannot come to a community centre.


“Divert,” developed through Youthfirst and Dove House, is an intervention program to move young people away from drugs, alcohol, substance abuse and crime. The staff works with the youth to help them gain the skills to deal with the temptation of drugs, alcohol and substances, build relationships with their parents and adults in the community, and motivate school dropouts to return to school or seek employment.

“Youthfirst” has a comprehensive menu of activities and courses designed specifically for young people – personal development, outdoor education, sports, stress management, bullying workshops, cross-community interaction groups and others.

“Art Park” is a local project in the Bogside, designed and managed by the young people from Youthfirst. It is a play and rest area for parents and toddlers in a friendly, caring, secure atmosphere.


As the key women’s organization in the area, the Bogside & Brandywell Women’s Group makes certain that women’s voices are heard and their needs met. It provides training courses in combating poverty, beginner computer courses including Internet and email skills, Math and English, public relations and media studies among others. The women’s group also conducts special programs and events throughout the year for women such as Information and Pamper Yourself Day with tips on how to cope with stress; Indulge, a pamper session for young women about to sit for diploma examinations, and its annual Feile event.

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