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Conway Mill Community CentreConway Mill Development Group was established in 1982 to work for the regeneration of West Belfast for the benefit of the community. It registered as non-profit taking limited company (no. NI18505) in 1985 as Conway Street Community Enterprises Project Ltd.

The Mill complex consisted of two large mill blocks and a number of outbuildings. They had lain vacant for almost a decade; so the buildings were derelict and had been badly vandalized. Lead stripped from the roofs allowed the elements to devastate the upper floors. Windows throughout the Mill were broken or completely missing, the frames rotted. Volunteers emptied, cleaned and built the classrooms, theatre and childcare centre.

The primary objectives of the Conway Mill complex were the promotion and support of small indigenous economic enterprises and the development of adult education facilities. The Mill was opened up to all who wanted low rent facilities, especially young people who were trying to start a small business.


For more information visit www.conwaymill.org.

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