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2007, May-Ballymurphy Rd.-A
This song was sung for the first time by its author, Brian O’Higgins (native of County Tipperary) on the night before the Rising Sunday, April 23rd, 1916. The author (AKA Bran Banba) participated in 1916 Rising as Staff Officer, stationed in the GPO.



All honour to Oglaigh na hEireann!
All praise to the men of our race,
Who, in days of betrayal and slavery,
Saved Ireland from shame and disgrace!
But do not forget in your praising
Oaf them and the deeds they have done,
Their loyal and true-hearted comrades,
The soldiers of Cumann na mBan

They stand for the honour of Ireland,
As their sisters in days that are gone,
And they’ll march with their brothers to freedom-
The soldiers of Cumann na mBan!

No great-hearted daughter of Ireland
Who died for her sake long ago,
Who stood in the gap of her danger,
Defying the Sasanach foe,
Was ever more valiant or worthy
Of honour in high-sounding rann,
Than the comrades of Oglaigh na hEireann,
The soldiers of Cumann na mBan

O, High beats the heart of our Mother!
The day she has longed for is nigh,
When the sunshine of joy and of freedom
Shall glow in the eastern sky,
And none shall be honoured more proudly
Than the daughters who served her in danger,
The soldiers of Cumann na mBan.

2007, May-Ballymurphy Rd.-A

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