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The following correspondence from Fr. Des Wilson was sent to Conway Mill Trust President Bob Kaniecki.

Thank you for your very welcome message. All is well here.

Changed times — one of the Ministers in the present Administration here, Sammy Wilson, visited Conway Mill and was very courteously received. Sammy is a member of the DUP — Democratic Unionist Party founded by Ian Paisley. The party and the founders and the members have been at times in opposition to the Mill Project and at times indifferent.

Now, however, with the redevelopment of the Mill due to be completed in October, one minister who is a member of the SDLP has already visited the Mill and now Sammy Wilson arrived, both of them welcomed and both of them bearing messages of goodwill.

We are welcoming changed times not only in the refurbished buildings but also in the hands extended in encouragement. Now comes the time when we all have to climb out of the deep economic depression. Brian Cowen is hopeful and we are all anxious about possible cuts to essential services including health and education, but with united effort on the horizon we can hope with all that!

Thank you for all your help.


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