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Conway Mill Trust Inc.
Doors of Hope
P. O. Box 101529
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
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Dear Friends,
I hope that this letter finds you and your families well. In these uncertain times it’s important to remind ourselves of what truly
matters – the physical and emotional well-being of ourselves and our loved ones.

Due to the pandemic, the summer newsletter could not be published in a timely manner. Stay tuned because we will be back on course for the December newsletter. Also, we have added a new Facebook page, so please “like and follow” us for updates from Northern Ireland.

Although few things in this world have remained unchanged in the time of COVID-19, I am happy to report that grants have been awarded as planned. Travel restrictions prevent us from delivering the grants in person, so the funds have been wired to the groups we support. We were able to meet our goal because of the extraordinary generosity of one of our donors, Kathleen Fearon. We are saddened to report that Ms. Fearon passed away one day after Fr. Des Wilson on November 6, 2019. In her will, she made a bequest to Conway Mill Trust. Kathleen had a special love and connection with Northern Ireland. Both of her parents were born in County Armagh, and
she travelled there often to visit with family and friends. She was a loyal donor to both Doors of Hope and Conway Mill Trust. Hermfinal gift is one that will touch many lives, and I am eternally grateful to her.

Ms. Fearon’s gift could not have arrived at a better time. Due to the pandemic, our donations have dropped off significantly. Our income has decreased but the need has not. In fact, as the lock-down ends, demand will sharply increase, and the funds needed to support these groups must be in place to allow them to hit the ground running. At the time of this letter, we have begun receiving messages of thanks from the organizations. It is clear that this round of grants has made a real difference and offered hope at a critical time. I would like to share with you a couple of emails we have received:
Still Imprisoned Project:
“I would like to thank you and your donors who have worked so tirelessly to raise funds to help us during this pandemic. It is so much appreciated, and I say this from the bottom of my heart. You are miracle workers and life savers and I am not by any meansn exaggerating. This will open possibilities for the Women’s Group to advance projects to help women in need within the Republican ex-prisoner community. Once again, thank you so much.”
“I can’t believe your generosity to our organization. It is truly amazing and from the bottom of my heart I thank you! Many, many thanks for the wonderful donation!”

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to donate. Please know that I deeply appreciate your generosity, and more importantly,
that you looked beyond the unrest and anxiety in your own lives and communities and took the time to help others in need.

Therese Johnston, President
Conway Mill Trust

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