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The Board of Directors of the Irish Society for Education and Charity has allocated $1000 to Conway Education Centre located in Belfast.  The Centre has various education programs for adults, high school teenagers, and children aged 7-12.

The Irish Society donation will be allocated to the Mary Mannion Merit Grant, a financial aid program established by Conway Mill Trust, announced in the most recent issue of this newsletter.

This grant will assist returning students to complete their high school equivalency certification. The program helps students 19 years of age and older who have not completed secondary education to achieve General Course Secondary Education (GCSE) certification. This award will cover the costs of full programs for several students this fall.

The Irish Society for Education and Charity, a non-profit organization, is an offshoot of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee in Pittsburgh. It supports the Echoes of Erin radio program, awards scholarships to students needing financial aid and contributes to various Irish community educational programs.

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