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Gaelic Sports

Gaelic Sports


So you think you know your Gaelic Sports-try these questions:

1. What organization is the governing body of Gaelic Sports world wide?  2. What year was this organization founded? 3. What is the name of the hotel and city where the organization was founded?  4. What is a caman? 5. How many players are on a Gaelic football team?  6. What is a sliothar? 7. What is the most ancient of Gaelic sports? 8. What was the GAA ban? 9. Besides hurling and Gaelic football what was the third traditional Gaelic sport the GAA succeeded in promoting?

ANSWERS: 1. Gaelic Athletic Association or GAA 2. 1884  3. Hayes Hotel-Thurles, County Tipperary 4. A caman is a hurley, the stick used in the sport of hurling   5.  Fifteen  6.  A ball used in hurling  7.  Hurling 8. The GAA ban is a ban on its members playing foreign games, rugby or soccer for example  9.  Handball

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