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A Must Visit Island Spot

Rathin Island, off the coast of County Antrim, is the perfect spot to head if you are looking for a spot in Ireland that hasn’t been discovered by most tourists.  It is rich in heritage and rugged scenery and ideal for bird watching, scuba diving and hiking. There are only 100 permanent residents who can fill you in on the history (much of it bloody) of the island.

Rathin was invaded by the Vikings in 795 A.D. who killed all the clergy, and in 1575 Sorley Boy MacDonnell sent his family for safety from Co. Antrim to escape Lord Essex.  Essex, under the command of Sir Walter Drake, invaded the island and massacred over 600 people, including Sorley Boy’s family and those of his troops. In 1642, Sir Duncan Campbell killed all the MacDonnell men in front of their wives and children and then threw the women and children over the cliffs.

That was a long time ago, but the stories live on, and the locals love to tell the tales in the pub. Besides the pub, there are two shops, a hotel, guest houses and B&Bs.

The ferry leaves from Ballycastle, 18 Bayview Road.

For information on the island – info@rathlinballycastleferry.com.

For hotel – 44(01)28 2076 2222


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