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Legend of Finn McCool

Irish legend believes that Finn McCool the greatest of the mythological Celtic heroes built the Giant’s Causeway so he could make his way to Scotland to fight a giant.

Dolmens – What Are They?

Dolmens are pre-historic monuments consisting of several layers of stone slabs supporting a flat stone roof.  Designed as burial chambers, the structures are mainly confined to Western Europe.

James Connolly Quote

James Connolly wrote a one act play called, “Under Which Flag.”  Afterwards, onstage, he said, “Under this flag will I serve. Under this flag, if need be, I will die.  The next act will be written by all of us together.” He was referring to the green flag raised over Parnell Hall Square.

There are three things beyond ruling: a turkey, a pig and a woman.

Bagpipes are among the oldest musical instruments. Hundreds of types exist, each with a unique design and sound.  They have an important role in Gaelic culture, being played at funerals, weddings and memorials.

Conservationists are expressing concern that the filming of ‘Star Wars’ on Skellig Michael will interfere with the breeding of native birds.  Skellig Michael off the coast of Kerry is a Unesco heritage site, and the monastery dates back to the 6th Century.

Francis Bacon Quote

“All artists are vain, they long to be recognized and to leave something to posterity.  They want to be loved and at the same time, they want to be free.  But nobody is free.”  

J.M. Synge was born in Sligo to Irish-Ascendancy parents, but he rejected their way of life and his portrayal of the Irish on stage was a means of reviving interest in Irish nationalism and heritage.

Flight of the Earls

Flight of the Earls took place on Sept 4, 1607.  They were the last of the Irish aristocracy and their lands were confiscated by the English leading to the ‘plantation of Ulster’ by Scots and English.

Oliver Goldsmith Quote

“The best way to get your audience to laugh is to start laughing yourself.” 

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