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Green Mouth Death

‘Green mouth death’ refers to the period of the ‘Great Hunger’ when people were forced to eat grass to survive.

Penn State University researchers have found that light skin tones stem from a gene mutation from a single person 10,000 years ago.

“The Irish Donation”

In 1631, the colonists of New England were starving and a ship ‘The Lion’ was sent to Ireland for provisions.  After many months, the ship arrived back at Nantucket and a day of thanks was declared.  And in 1676 the Indian War with King Philip left the people starving and Ireland again came to their aid.  This was known as ‘The Irish Donation’.  The ship ‘Katherine’ from Dublin delivered life-saving supplies.  There is no mention of any other country, including the mother country of the Pilgrims, of offering any relief.  The ‘Kathrine’ probably arrived in Boston in November 1676 .  One hundred seventy years later, the people of Massachusetts organized a fund for those starving in Ireland during the “Great Hunger’.


The coracle was the first boat used by the Irish.  It dates back to Neolithic times or earlier. It is a simple framework of light branches, lashed together and covered with animal skins.  It was shaped like a big bowl and used on the rivers.  Its ocean going cousin, the currach, was longer and thinner.  The coracle was more difficult to manage and capsized easily.

Happy Christmas

Here is our Christmas Newsletter for your reading enjoyment. Conway Mill Trust Newsletter- December 2014

Abraham Lincoln Quote

“The better part of a man’s life consists of his friendships.”

Elder Moon

Nov 25-Dec 23 – This  is the time of the ‘Elder Moon’.  The winter solstice has passed and the Elder Moon is a time of endings.  Although the Elder can be damaged easily, it recovers quickly and springs back to life, corresponding to the New Year.

Georgia O’Keefe

Irish-American Georgia O’Keefe received recognition by challenging the boundaries of American art and was celebrated for her technical skills. She was known for her vibrantly colored paintings including many large scale works.  She died in 1986 at the age of 99.

A Silent Mouth

A silent mouth is melodious.

Constant Guest

A constant guest is never welcome.

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