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The Humanist Society of Ireland is calling for a ban on baptismal certificates as proof of a child’s religious affiliation.  Almost 6% of people in the Republic said they had no religion in a 2011 poll.  85% said they were catholic.  The church controls about 905 of the primary schools.

William Eris

It is thought that an Irishman from Galway named William Eris accompanied Columbus in 1492 in his voyage to America.  It is thought he was one of 40 volunteers who stayed behind in Hispaniola and were killed by Indians.

It is said a dip in the River Shannon will cure bashfulness and inhibitions.

Roads of Hunger

During the Great Hunger roads were constructed called Roads of Hunger which led to bogs and rocky plateaus constructed not with the purpose of building infrastructure but to avoid interfering with private enterprise.

John O’Donahue Saying

“Anam Cara ” is Gaelic for “soul friend” and refers to the  Celtic spiritual belief of souls connecting and bonding.  When you connect with another person and become completely open and trusting with that individual your two souls flow together.

St. Valentine’s Remains

Pope Gregory XVI made a gift of St Valentine’s remains to a Carmelite priest Fr Spratt who was building a church in Dublin in 1825.  The remains were brought to the church and received by the Archbishop.  After Fr Spratt died devotion to the saint waned and the relics sent to a back room to gather dust where they remained until about forty years ago when the church was renovated and the saint was given his rightful place in a shrine in the church.


Time is a great storyteller.

A Saying

As roads go, the road home is as good as any.

Road Sign Near Cork

Sign seen on a road near Cork:  ‘To make a right turn, make three left turns’.

The Shillelagh

A shillelagh is a wooden walking stick with a knob on the top.  A specific type of wood is used like blackthorn, oak or hazel.  The stick is smeared in butter and cured in the chimney.  Some are hollowed and loaded with buckshot to give them weight.

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