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Irish Advice

Take the weight off your legs (sit down).

Irish Humor For Your Day

A Yank stopped at a farm to talk to a farmer in Co Kerry and began bragging about the size of his farm at home. “It takes me two days to drive around each field’, he told the farmer. The farmer replied: “I had a tractor like that one time but I got rid of it.”

Irish Wake Tricks

Tricks played at Irish wakes included putting pepper into the tobacco which was distributed in clay pipes or blown in through the keyhole of the door causing all to sneeze violently.  The door would have been locked to prevent anyone from escaping.   Another trick was to put an old boot in the pot that was cooking meat for the visitors (after stealing the meat).

Gartan Co Donegal Custom

The people of Gartan, Co Donegal to this day always put one sock on and then another following St Colmcille’s advice: “My curse on the man who puts on one sock and shoe first while leaving the other foot bare.” This after he was hurriedly put into a race and didn’t have time to put on his second sock and shoe, ending up with a bloodied foot.

An Irish Proverb

Don’t be too familiar with the clergy.

July 4, 1776- the first cannon shot at the British after the signing of the Declaration of Independence was under the command of Irish-born Capt. Daniel Neil in Elizabethtown, NJ.

July 3rd in Irish History

A proclamation passed on July 3, 1605 forced all Catholics to attend services at the established church and all Catholic priests were forced to leave Ireland.

July 3rd In Irish History

Sinn Fein party was banned by British on July 3, 1918.

July 2nd In Irish History

July 2, 1690 King James ll left Ireland for England.

July 1st In Irish History

On July 1, 1681 St. Oliver Plunkett was hung, drawn and quartered in England.

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