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“The Bridge of Sorrows” sometimes called “The Bridge of Tears” is located at Muckish Gap, Gweedore, Co Donegal.  It is so called because those leaving for America and Australia would pass this way.  Thousands walked over the bridge on their way to Derry.  In Irish it is called “The Crying Bridge.”

The Irish Question

British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli didn’t always have a grasp of the Irish question such as in 1868, when he said: ” I want to see a public man come forward and say what the Irish question is.  It is the Pope one day and the potato the next.”             

The Gaelic Revival

The Gaelic Revival consisted mainly of the middle class.  The Irish peasantry was much too busy finding a bite to eat and keep a roof over their heads to be interested in poetry, mythology and great Celtic literature.

“Humanity Dick”

The King of Connemara, otherwise known as “Humanity Dick,” founded the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in 1824.  The title of “Humanity Dick” was bestowed on him by King George V.  He had succeeded in getting “The Cruel Treatment of Cattle Act” passed in 1822 which was passed into British law.

Sign of Warm Summer Days

In ancient Ireland after a winter of storms and grey skies, the longer days told of warm summer ones to come.

An Irish Saying

” It can rain today, tomorrow, the next day and the day after that, but someday the sun will shine again.” Anon

“There is no present or future, only the past happening over and over again.”

Apr 2, 1912-“Cathleen ni Houlihan opened at the Abbey Theatre.  It is the best known play of Wm. Butler Yeats.

Rosemary and Mint

Always plant rosemary in your garden to bring good luck and mint at the home’s entry to keep away the ants.

Apr 1, 1919 Eamon De Valers was elected President of the first Dail Eireann.

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