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Whiskey Stills in Ireland

By the end of 18th Century there were 2,000 whiskey stills in operation around Ireland.

U.S. tourist visits between June and Aug 2014 rose by 18% over previous year which amounts to 450,000 new tourists.

Luck of the Horse

Horses are considered lucky animals.  To let horses trample a little on newly sown fields would cause the seed to sprout well.

The largest Stone Age community was the Ceide Fields in Co Mayo.  Over 5,000 people lived there until 3,000 B.C.

Did You Know?

Smiling Murphy is another name for potato.

The Gaelic Athletic Assoc. was founded by Michael Cusick in 1884.  Its aim was the regulation and encouragement of native sports such as hurling and football.  Members were forbidden to engage in foreign (especially British) sports such as rugby and soccer.

Did You Know?

Irish people are the world’s greatest tea drinkers.  At one time, some Irish men frowned on the women drinking too much of it because they might be in danger of enjoying themselves.

Thought for the Day

Time is a good story teller.

During the 17 Century, a local landlord in Buncrana, Co Donegal, offered the near starving peasants a bowl of soup if they would attend Protestant services.  However, the soup was only offered on Fridays (probably had meat in it) and it had to be consumed in public.  Anyone taking the soup was then labeled by his neighbors with the name Friday in front of his surname, i.e. Friday Doherty.

Northern Ireland has started a 10-year plan to boost awareness as a hiking destination by featuring new trail centers and long distance rides.

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