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Irish Saying

You fight dirt all your life and then you’re buried in it, so why bother?

Irish Saying

God builds the back to bear the burden.


The Celts believed that the worst crime that could be committed was the murder of one’s own clan member.  It was called “fingal” and the guilty party was placed in a boat with no oars and put out to sea.  If god spared his/her life he could never come back to the kingdom again but must live out his life as an outcast.

Trim Castle

Trim in the Boyne Valley is home to Trim Castle which was featured in “Braveheart” had more ancient buildings than any other town in Ireland. Trim Castle was constructed by Hugh deLacy in the late Middle ages and has a 20 sided tower. It was built over a period of 20 years and marked the outer northern boundary of English influence.

Sept 23 is the Autumn Equinox, the time when the day and night are of equal length.  This was a solar festival of great importance to the ancient Irish. Typically, it would have been celebrated with a feast and offerings to give thanks for the fruits of the earth.

Irish artist Colin Davidson has captured the pain of the Troubles at the Ulster Museum.  Called “Silent Testimony,” it will run through Jan 2016.  Free admission.

An Irish Saying

Sometimes when we try to improve things, we don’t.  Sometimes the old ways work.

Irish Cure for a Cough

Milk from a hazelnut kernel mixed with mead or honey will cure a cough.

Wexford Town’s Sammy

Wexford Town has a pet seal called Sammy.  He follows the fishing boats dining on mackerel and herring which the fishermen throw to him.

Irish Blessing

There’s the joy of dear old Ireland
In these blessings meant for you,
There’s a bit of Irish blarney
And a touch of magic too.
There’s a hope that love and laughter
Will steal your heart away.
And a prayer that all you’re wishing
God grant you and yours today.

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