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120 bronze musical horns have been found in bogs, cast sometime after 1,000 BC.

Peat Chemicals’ Value

Chemicals in peat keep anything from rotting so the bogs are considered ‘the bank vaults of Irish history.’

Mt. Sandel, Derry

Mt. Sandel, Derry, dates back to at least 7,000 BC.  The excavations have shown how for the first time, the people lived.  Fragments of burned bones, nuts and shells were found.  Stones were heated in a fire before being put into a wood lined pit full of water.  The fire heated the stones, bringing the water to a boil.  It was kept boiling by adding more stones and this was sufficient to cook a wild boar in a relatively short time.

Horseshoe Custom

The custom of hanging a horseshoe over the door for luck may come from the old belief that fairies cannot pass through cold iron.  The horseshoe would stop them from making mischief inside the house.

Flour Mills of Ireland

Many flour mills were established in the south-east of Ireland during the late 18th and early 19th Century, often by Quakers who had a genuine desire to improve the quality of life by giving employment.

Bog Body Found

A bog body has been found in Co Meath by peat workers at Rossan Bog.  It is estimated to be thousands of years old.

Ireland’s Oldest City

Waterford is celebrating its 1,200 years as Ireland’s oldest city.


Happy Celtic New Year!  Nov 1 is one of the feasts of the Celtic quarter year, the others being Feb 1, May 1 and Aug 1, but Samhain is the most religious and important date on the calendar when it was most important to please the gods and goddesses to ensure good luck for the coming year.  Festivities were carried out around bonfires, and families and other members of the community gathered together. These were so important that a person could be excluded from participating if a crime had been committed. The god Dagda was the great father of the tribe.  He carried a club which he could use to attack the enemy with one end and with the other he could raise the dead.  He also carries a cauldron full of food which is never empty.

Halloween Treats

Soul cakes are small sweet cakes given as treats on Halloween.  They are thought to be the first ‘treat’ ever given. When given a soul cake, the recipient must pray for the soul of a departed member of the family giving the treat.

Halloween Birthday

A person born on Halloween has the ability to predict the future.

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