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Citog is an old Irish term given to a left handed person and was often used in a derogatory manner for those considered “a bit strange. “

Name Change for Derry

A decision has been made by Derry City Council and Strabane District Council to change the name of Londonderry to Derry.

Bishop Whelan Division of AOH in Wheeling, West Va. has brought the ancient Irish game of road bowling to West Va.  This sport is played primarily in Co Armagh and Cork.  In Wheeling the proceeds go to the needy of the area and last year attracted 500 people.  It is played with a small steel ball on a road about 2 miles long, with the winner being the one who completes the course with the fewest throws.

Robert Adrian was born in Co Antrim in 1775.  As a United Irishman he fought in the Rebellion of 1798.  He was shot in the back and left for dead after which he escaped to America.  He returned to his former profession of teaching.  He was a Professor of Mathematics and held a number of prestigious posts including Vice Provost of the University of Pennsylvania. He was a major contributor to the development of mathematics.  He still ranks as one of the most important mathematicians of his day raising the standard of the subject in the USA

In the southern portion of the sky there is an area  called “the Sea of Serenity.”  Nearby there is a small, circular cup shaped crater.  This is called “the Clarke crater” in memory of a great Irish woman Agnes Clarke born in 1842.  Mostly self-taught, she chronicled the leading edge of astronomical research.  Her assessments of stellar and solar science are essential for historians today.

‘King’ Mike McDonald, an Irish immigrant, ran Chicago’s first crime syndicate.  He coined the phrase: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Did you Know?

Imbus were secret rituals practiced by the Druids.  They possessed forbidden knowledge unknown to others allowing them to predict the future.

In Celtic society, the Bards were the keepers of tradition or the memory of the tribe.

Brendan Behan Quote

“There is no situation so bad that the arrival of a policeman does not make it worse.”

Did You Know?

The Celts found truth in all of nature–tree, animal, hill and sky, the protection of fire and the blessing of water.

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