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Musical instruments go back to at least the Middle Ages when there were three principal instruments: harp, bagpipes and trompin, which is now extinct.

Gearagh, Macroom, Co Cork

The Gearagh, near Macroom, Co Cork, is one of four inland forest deltas in the world and is described as the most ecologically intact. It was controversially flooded in the 1950’s to make way for hydroelectric dams at Macroom.  Thousands of ancient oak and yew trees from what is described as Western Europe’s last post-glacial alluvial temperate rainforest were destroyed. However, a re-birth has been noted in the forest and has made a remarkable recovery.

George Clooney Quote

George Clooney, recalling his Irish ancestors, spoke about them at a humanitarian conference in Armenia recently saying, “The simple truth is all of us are products of someone’s kindness.”

Princess Charlotte has received a handmade willow rattle from Ireland for her first birthday. It was made by Ciarnan Hogan who is a master weaver.

Celtic society was not primitive but rather a highly complex society.  For centuries it was the most scholarly and most civilized of western Europe.  And all this without a government.  There was no legislature, no courts, no bailiffs, no police, no enforcement of justice.

Irish Robin Hood

Redmond O’Hanlon was known as the Irish Robin Hood. He extorted money from the landlords to give to the peasants after he had seen his home pulled down and his family left homeless during the Cromwellian conquest in the 17th Century.  He charged the landlords protection money to prevent their livestock being stolen.

The latest Star Wars heroine, Rey, has said the Skellig Michael was like a “rock that just came out of the sea.”

Maria Doyle received an email from her local taxi company stating she hadn’t used their service in a while and they missed her.  She responded that she had 8 month twins so didn’t get out much. The taxi company, Haile, responded with a 100 Euro voucher to a restaurant and free taxi rides to and from the restaurant.

The Willow Moon Period

Apr 15-May 12 is the time of the Willow Moon and was known to the Celts as Sailie after the Goddess. The willow is associated with healing and growth.  If the tree is planted near your home it will protect you against storms and flooding.  They offer protection and frequently planted in cemeteries.

The National Museum of Transport is located in Heritage Depot, Howth, Dublin.  60 out of 100 vehicles currently on display are from 1883 -1984.

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